Sunday, August 19, 2007

Toolbar Wallpaper

Turn the Internet Explorer toolbar into a work of art! Run the download, close Internet Explorer, then start it up again. Choose Toolbar Wallpaper from the Tools menu and pick your wallpaper!


There is a small glitch in the Zoom In/Out function, mainly when you view an image in IE that is undefined in size the Zoom In\Out becomes distorted. Download a corrected version. Replace the originals in Windows\Web folder. []

[Exception 2] The Image List option also has a small glitch, when you select the Image List from the right-click menu the page appears but it's blank. As a workaround press F5 or select: Refresh, the page will produce the Image List.

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar (Beta) - many of the above features has now been incorporated into this new Toolbar. In my testing this Toolbar works great, although it is mostly intended for website developers.

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