Sunday, August 19, 2007

Protecting Your Internet Explorer

Lately there has been a rash of incidents where either a web site or email spam has contained a hidden javascript that changes your Home Page entry, then disables the users ability to change it back. To prevent this from happening ... be one step ahead of these characters. Set your Home Page then disable the ability to change it via a Registry restriction. It is also recommended you use a Startup Monitor. Be aware that in some cases this method does not work as some of these parasites will re-write the registry entries on each restart. However a "Startup Manager" will prompt you if your setting are being changed.

HKCU_Hide_HomePage.reg (Current User)
HKCU_Undo_HomePage.reg (Current User)

To download: Right-click the above link(s) and select: "Save Target As".
To use: right-click and select: Merge (to view: open in Notepad)

HKLM_Hide_HomePage.reg HKLM_Undo_HomePage.reg

Note: this restriction can apply in 2 locations, the Registry checks the HKLM location first, then the HKCU location. The HKLM takes precedence and applies to all users. The HKCU applies to just the "Current User".

If your HomePage gets hijacked, you may need to "undo" both locations.
For more info and a reg file to unlock the Home Page [click here]
Note: XP Pro already has the ability to make these changes via the Group Policy Editor. If the HomePage restriction has been applied by an Administrator, "Limited Users" can not make this change. Start | Run (type) gpedit.msc

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