Sunday, August 19, 2007

Resize your IE Cache size (XP)

By default IE reserves 10% of your drive space for the Temporary Internet Files. This was fine several years ago but since then the hard drive capacities have increased dramatically. If you happen to have one of these large disks the 10% is truly unnecessary and wasteful.
Close all instances of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express
Control Panel | Internet Options | General tab
Click Settings and move the slider to 50 mb, click Ok
Click Delete Files and also select: "Delete all offline files", click Ok
Click Clear History, click Ok, Apply\Ok [more info]

Note: While viewing Newsgroup messages Outlook Express dumps a series of zero-byte files into the TIF. When Outlook Express is closed it fails to cleanup these files. To delete these zero-byte files you must select the above option "Delete all offline files".

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