Friday, August 22, 2008

Logging On to Your computer

After you've installed Windows XP Professional, you can configure common settings, including user accounts and network connections.

If you already have a user account, log on to your computer with that account name and password. If you don't have a user account, you must first log on as the administrator to create one.

Log On as the Administrator
Until you set up a user account on your computer, you need to log on as the Administrator. For security reasons, you should create a user account for yourself and a user account for each person who may be using the computer.

After you complete Setup, your computer restarts and the “Log On to Windows” dialog box appears.

To log on as the Administrator

In “Log On to Windows,” type Administrator and the password you assigned to the administrator during Setup. 

Click OK. 

If a message appears informing you that the system could not log you on, verify that CAPS LOCK is not turned on, and then retype your password. 

Running Windows XP as an administrator makes the system vulnerable to unnecessary security risks. Instead, use your user account to perform routine tasks such as running programs, working on documents, and visiting Internet sites.


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